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More movement in less space!

Zero learning curve

A little ship called Vrickey follows your horizontal movement, slowly "flying upwards".

Avoid the obstacles and shoot at the glass blocks to clear a path for Vrickey.

Choose your own size

The game automatically resizes to your play area.

We recommend a large, wide Guardian that allows the maximum movement.

"Space Invaders meets light guns in VR"

Well, roughly speaking. It's… hard to describe.

#shooter #casual #arcade #multitasking #timing #reflexes


How to play?
  • The game has 3 environments x 12 levels = 36 levels in total
  • A special β€œzen” environment optimized for Quest 1
  • Win an extra star for destroying all the glass blocks
  • Increase the Guardian size for a larger and more difficult game
  • Updates with both free and paid content are planned in the future